Ili (Co-owner, Architect, Interior Designer)


Ili is a mother of one, best friend to her German Shepherd, Ziva, and co-owner of our design firm Terracotta. Having grown up in Puerto Rico and attending architecture school both in the states and abroad in France, she brings a unique vision to the world of residential design.






Luly (Co-owner, Architect)


Luly is Ili’s partner-in-crime, best friend, and mother of 3. She lives in the North, was raised in the South by a Cuban-American family, and loves spending time traveling to her husband’s home in Sweden.




Amy (Marketing Manager)


Amy was raised in the north and proudly calls Decatur her home base. She’s a curator of all things creative and enjoys running with her golden retriever mix, Gunner.






Katelyn (Interior Designer)


Katelyn, also a southern native, is the team’s go-to Interior Designer. She grew up in the country, lives in the city, and enjoys spending as much time as she can with her husband, son Wilder and two dogs in their quaint, urban oasis.





Kirstin (Junior Designer)


Kirstin, an Atlanta native, loves exploring coffee shops with her husband Jono, walks with their two rescue pugs, and enjoys being a new mom to her daughter Nova.




Michelle (Controller)


Michelle was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Georgia to attend college.
Now she lives in Decatur with her husband, son and their dog Snickers. She enjoys going
to the park with her son Jacob, traveling with her family and exploring the city
with her friends and family.




Nicole (Project Architect)


Nicole was born and raised in Colorado before settling in to Decatur with her husband
Nate and two sons, Carter and Everett. She enjoys being outdoors and is passionate
about baking and preparing lovely meals for friends and family.







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