All Things Halloween

—And your little dog too!

It’s that time of year when all the Hocus Pocus goes on, with decorations, goodies and costumes. We have a few ideas in our bag for tricks, treats & all the trappings for your Halloween festivities…so let the ghoul times roll!

Depending on your level of excitement for the autumnal season, the most popular time to start spinning your web for Halloween is within the first two weeks of October. It’s nice when the air is a bit cooler so you can be confident that your pumpkins are not going to succumb to the heat, and last through Thanksgiving. Let’s start outside with festive porches and ghastly greetings…


Hanging from the trees, these DIY Floating Ghosts will give your guests a proper scary greeting. 👻


The Bats Meow. Create a whole colony of these bug-eyed bats just to keep an eye on things. 👀 Great craft project for kids. Find the template here.


Nothin’ itsy bitsy about these spiders. Fun on a grand scale!! 🕷 Find these giant arachnids at Amazon and Party City.


From mummies to mums. Not quite as scary of a statement but this combo for door decor definitely makes for a warm, sophisticated welcome. Can’t go wrong with a branchy wreath and cinderella pumpkins!!! Yes the pumpkins are fake.


Be brave. Come inside for some more fun tricks we have up our sleeves. Enter if you dare…


Crazy bats, the more the scarier. Download the template here to create your own flock.


Not just any pile of pumpkins, these are studded like the starry bands of the universe. Project involves a drill but totally worth it!!! Aren’t those black candles just fabulous? 🖤


Blood spatter or red wine? Only Martha knows for sure. Actually, it is red candle wax—same concept as dripping wax over a Chianti bottle. Fun project with a glass of wine. Perhaps a good Chianti with some fava beans? 😈


Speaking of beverages. Hot cider with fresh ginger will take that chill out of your bones. Easy recipe, and you can add a little bourbon for an adult version. 🤪


Costumes. Last minute, what to wear? We turned to the silver screen for inspiration.

As designers, of course it’s only natural to pick from 50 shades of gray. 😉 Head over to Sherwin Williams for your swatches.


Men in Black. Couples in black, or BFF’s in black. Don’t forget the pup! No pup? This concept could easily translate into the Blues Brothers. 😎 BTW, this is one of Luly’s favorites.


Nova was kind enough to give us a sneak peek of her costume for this Halloween. She’s going full on Harry Potter. Hmmmm, could it be a mini version of Kirstin??? 😍


Order your Halloween paraphernalia now for an on-time delivery. 🐶



Happy Halloween! We hope you have fun with all of your tricks and treats and enjoy a wonderful fall season.

Love Life at Home 🧡


Many thanks for the inspiration: Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping and HGTV, Party City and California Collections.

Photos: Ted Cavenaugh, Ellie Miller, Layla Palmer, HGTV, McGee and Co., Linda Pugliese, Katheryn Wirsing, Mike Garten, Chewy, and Nova’s mom.







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