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Hopefully everyone had a great summer as we head back to school, back to routine. It’s also a great time as the weather gets cooler to reboot your right brain and take in some local art exhibits. There are some pretty awesome shows going on now right here in the A-T-L.


The final weeks of the Andy Warhol exhibit at the High Museum of Art features 250 prints from the Collections of Jordan J. Schnitzer including this one of Mick Jagger when he commissioned Warhol to design an album cover. Don’t miss out, last day is September 10, so pop in for some Pop Art.


Jackson Fine Art Gallery is featuring an exhibition of work by Thomas Jackson’s ongoing series, Emergent Behavior. The artist builds large-scale kinetic sculptures from disposable commodities, installing them in natural settings. The still images function as a commentary on consumer culture and our estrangement from the environment. “A plastic cup or a can can take on new meaning once placed in a lush organic environment, multiply it by a hundred or so and it can even become beautiful.”  Exhibit runs until September 16. BTW, If you are a fan of contemporary photography please get on the mailing list at Jackson Fine Art to frequent the openings, all of them feature great artist’s and are a lot of fun.

Photo Credit: Thomas Jackson, Lusty Wives vol. #81, Muir Beach, CA, 2015. ©Thomas Jackson and courtesy of Jackson Fine Art.


Black Cat Tips, i.e. Kyle Brooks is a painter, muralist, poet, thinker and a teller of tales. You have probably driven by one of his roadside art installations or walked by one of his murals or bears on the Beltline. I have the pleasure of calling him friend, forever mesmerized by his creativity and kindness. He has a solo show at the Spalding Nix Fine Art Center. If you miss it, visit for upcoming exhibits. Treat yourself to one of his artist talks and you’ll become an instant fan.



The Curious Garden exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens features 11 site-specific installations created by Adam Schwerner to highlight the Gardens’ plant collections and plant conservation work. During his career, Adam has successfully combined his affinity for horticulture and  the visual arts. Bold color, unexpected man-made and altered natural materials directs the eye to focus on the simple beauty of nature. In some cases, art objects are suspended to spark your curiosity to look up at the magnificence of tree canopies and brillant skies while sipping cocktails. Wait, what??? Yes, you can mix and mingle in The Curious Garden at night during the after-hours social… promising specialty cocktails and live music.


Go be inspired as we embrace the next season. Until next post we’re signing off with a quote, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”  —  Andy Warhol


Many thanks for the inspiration for content and images: High Museum of Art, Jackson Fine Art, Black Cat Tips, and Atlanta Botanical Gardens.




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