Be Well

Wait what? Same thing different origin. Còsagach, pronounced “KOS-gough” is an old Gaelic term now coined the new buzzword for being snug and cozy. In case you missed it, “hygge” was last year’s Danish version of this phenomenon. Basically both mean hunkering down from the cold and slowing down long enough to focus on the simpler things in life. Think of “snow days” or the “prospect of freezing rain” as gifts from nature, giving us carte blanche to curl up with family by the fire wearing thick socks and sweaters sipping hot cocoa. Sounds cliché but it’s really good for your soul. The “experts” agree that relaxing and reconnecting (the re-words again) are uber important now more than ever. So what do these tongue tied terms mean when it comes to decor and your nest?


Thick, soft chunky knit throws with oversized knots and tassels. When it’s not draped over your back, casually fold them over the back of your sofa, on your bed or in a chair. My golden retriever kindly helped himself to one of the tassels of my new throw just this week— giving it his special look.




Fluffy, textured rugs. Looks warm, feels great.


Faux fur next to a wood burning stove or a cozy fire.




Candles paired with green organic elements provide an illusion of warmth that always makes “good scents.” We hope that that everyone takes advantage of these days spent inside to pamper yourself and enjoy the comfort of your homes, you’ll be back on I-85 before you know it.

—love life at home

Thanks to Pinterest, The Design Chaser, Tumblr,, RugsUSA, Decordots and Danielle Moss for all the visual inspiration and content.





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