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In January we talked about “greenery” being THE color of the year, as it influences designers and creators on how to market their work. Having celebrated Earth Day in April, maybe it’s a great time to keep a few “Earth Day Resolutions.” Small investments (and they can be stylish) can have a huge impact on our footprint. Here’s a quick look beyond the color with some ideas about an eco-friendly lifestyle.


House Plants. They improve air quality and save energy on heating and cooling. They brighten up any room and give you that “popular” pop of green. This one is nicknamed “mother-in-law’s tongue.”  Hmmmm, tolerant and very low maintenance. Remember those macrame plant hangers?? They’re back, with crawling long vines. The longer the better.

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Light bulbs. Change them to LED (light-emitting diode) or CFL (compact fluorescent light). These cost a bit more upfront but use less energy and last longer. Make the switch throughout the house, including closets and garages. FYI… CFL’s are not “dimmable.”





Reduce your carbon paw print. Stylish, eco-friendly, durable and importantly… comfy for our furry friends. These are made with non-chemical, earth friendly dyes. “Harry Barker uses earth-friendly fabrics, azo-free dyes, eco fleece, and “green” inserts made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics.”


Solar Panel

Get some shades. Solar shades can block heat and sunlight without blocking your view. These shades are perfect for a home office with a computer to help reduce glare plus offer a good sunblock for hardwood floors, artwork and the sofa you had to have.


Yeti 5

Grab and go. Pretty easy to replace a plastic bottle of water with a thermal tumbler that will keep your beverage cold for hours. It will stay cool in the garden, in a hot car or on your desk. Own it, monogram it, personalize it, or put a sticker on it,  just do it. Wait, one more idea…


BAsket 6

Share the love. Surprise a friend with a garden basket to kick start their very own herb garden. This is what you need to assemble the basket: 2 herb plants, 2 seed packets, the perfect combination potting mix and a recipe card for your favorite salad with ingredients that coordinate with the herbs in the basket. Just add sun.



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