Thanksgiving, a whole day (or long weekend) carved out of our busy lives to gather with friends & family to celebrate our blessings, as we create traditions and fond memories for years to come.

We all have our Thanksgiving memories. The first time I was responsible for roasting the turkey, I called my mother on Thanksgiving morning and casually asked her when I should start thawing my turkey. Seems like a reasonable question, right? She advised me to rush to Kroger to find a thawed turkey breast if we wanted to serve turkey that day. I was a little taken back by the urgency in her reply but now I look back at our conversation and smile with all my heart.

During this Thanksgiving season, we are grateful for all of our friends who have shared with us the opportunity to re-imagine their homes. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Terracotta Design Build.

Love Life at Home 


Many thanks to Kim Phillips and Iain Bagwell for the beautiful inspiration image. 


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