Giving Thanks

Before the huge dollop of whipped cream graces the pumpkin pie, like most families, we take a moment to reflect on that what we are most grateful. No matter what the last 12 months had in store, it seems that on this day of THANKS, time stops as we count our blessings. Our Terracotta family would like to share our individual blessings with you, the dear friends that we are so thankful for.

Ili: ” I am thankful for crisp fall air, clear ocean waters, nights filled with stars, passion pink roses, and blue-cheese stuffed olives.” 🫒✨

Scott: ” I am thankful for the love and forgiveness of God, all the difficult trials past and future that strengthen us, cool mountain mornings, and the love and health of my family. —And dark chocolate sea salt caramels.” 🍬

Katelyn: ” I am thankful for my beautifully blended family and for the Braves winning the World Series.” ⚾️

Kirstin:  “I am thankful for travel and getting to be with the people I love.” 🛩

Maurie: “I am thankful for relationships, which are the best part of life, good memory, good memories and I don’t recall the 5th one right now.” 😉

Mackenzie:  “I am thankful for good health and quality time with my family/friends, (especially after the last year), and fall weather!” 🍁

Michelle: ” I am thankful for my family, my friends, my career, sunny beach days, desserts, wine and sleeping— lol.” 🍰

Luly:  “I am thankful for my dear friends and family near and far, and especially thankful I get to visit my parents that live in Miami, so that I can visit them and the beach at the same time!”

Nicole: “I am so thankful for time spent with family and friends.” 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Amy: I am so thankful for my family & friends, my faith, and my mom’s pie recipe.” ❤️


We wish for you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for our Holiday Gift list!

Love Life at Home


Special Thanks to The Heritage Cook and Andrew Scrivani for the stunning pie image!



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