Love Life at Home. Home, a place where we feel comfortable, share meals with family and friends, harbor photographs, artwork and things that provoke memories that remind us we are loved. Homes are a safe haven, a refuge and a place to rest after hectic days and horrific news of vast devastation from recent acts of Mother Nature. Our hearts go out to everyone who have lost or had damage to their homes. We all have some connections to those affected by these storms, and it’s easy to share your home as a refuge for others through food and hospitality. An open door invitation for a home cooked meal or a cozy guest room can mean the world to those who are stressed and frustrated. Share a special recipe that is near and dear to your heart. Having a meal and conversation together enables us let go of our worries and realize that others care.



This is Nicole’s homemade baked bread wrapped in her Grandmother Georganne’s tea towel. Nicole gets her baking skills honest and is very nostalgic about her recipes. We were lucky enough to break this bread together at the studio one morning. As much therapy as it was for her to spend time in her kitchen, we all really needed the time to talk while enjoying this lovely bread before diving into the day. Even though we were not sitting in her kitchen, she shared with us a part of her heart and home. In her words, “I just like to feed my people.”



A good night’s sleep. Having a guest suite ready for visitors is another way to share your refuge. It’s always a nice gesture to leave space in a closet for hanging items. A storage bench at the end of the bed is a great place to stow bags or double as a luggage rack. Small simple luxuries can make a huge difference for tired guests. Crisp sheets, plenty of pillows, cozy bedding, thick towels, bottled water and fresh flowers will all make them feel welcome.


In light of recent devastation across our country, our Terracotta family is compelled to serve with even greater intentionality. We have close ties to Puerto Rico, which has experienced unprecedented devastation from hurricanes Irma and Maria, and we will be contributing to the donation drive this week at St. Pius X here in Atlanta. If you would like to help, the link is www.spx.org/SpiritualHelpHurricaneVictimsinPuertoRicowithDonations


Many thanks for inspiration and photo credits to Jeff Herr Photography, Kirstin and Pinterest.




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