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Quintessentially classic, navy blue dates back to 1748, getting it’s name from the color worn by officers in the British Royal Navy. Not much has changed. The philosophy of associating navy with all things noble and nautical has not faded. Speaking of the “Royals,” the Duchess of Sussex shares the same passion for navy as Australian designer Dion Lee. No doubt that “folded sail” dress is in high demand.

Navy as a color has long been associated with wisdom and tranquility, making it a big favorite for interior designers. Rich tones from the “moody blue hues” are often selected as the perfect neutral, accommodating any pop of color.

Azure continues to evoke images of the oceanside and the deep sky, but ultimately takes it’s name from the intense blue mineral lapis lazuli. Lapis is the Latin word for “stone.” This peaceful ‘blue stone’ color evokes serenity and wisdom… like an anchor in the ever-changing world of design.

Oxford Blue, the official color of the University of Oxford, is a darker tone of azure. Almost black. Perhaps it’s the combination of intellect and beauty that makes this blue a smart choice for a handsome velvet chair or a stunning Dior evening gown. Dior declared navy blue as the only color that could ever compete with black. His first collection presented in 1947 featured a navy blue dress called the Soirée. 💙

Peacock Blue, proud and wildly popular in home products, it begs the question; “Is Peacock blue, navy’s playful relative??” 😝 Just add more green to the equation for a bit of unexpected glam!

Aegean blue relates to the brilliant tones of the Mediterranean Sea. Fiercely bold yet serene, this old world patina is absolutely gorgeous when mixed with other members of the navy family.

Indigo, a mystical word often used when describing the color that evokes intuition and perception. Indigo stimulates right-brain creative activity and initiates spatial skills. As a color, it’s a fair combination of deep midnight blue and violet.  Bedding, drapes, batiks and furnishings are all excellent choices to mingle indigo into your home.

So,  “Is blue the new black?” 🤔  We simply love them both equally. 💙🖤


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