Kitchen Design: Secrets of the Pros

All kitchens are made up of the same general parts: countertops, cabinets and appliances. But these days, the kitchen tends to be the biggest reflection of the homeowner’s personality and design aesthetic. Whether your budget is big or small, consider these 5 points and you will be well on your way to a beautiful kitchen that your whole family will love. This kitchen, designed by jute in the San Francisco area, gets it all right.

1. Address floors, walls and ceilings first. This is my philosophy in just about any space I design, and its just as important in the kitchen. Each of these planes should be special in some way, whether its architecturally significant windows or just a beautiful paint color. The herringbone wood floors and ceiling trim in this kitchen don’t disappoint.

2. The kitchen is central to how we live today, so more important than looks, is function. Its the heart of the home, but only if people want to be in it. Allow people room to gather – the lack of upper cabinets makes this kitchen feel larger, the dining table is placed directly in its center and it has its own lounge seating. Bonus points on this one.

3. Do something unique that you really love. We recently painted a large kitchen island the most beautiful shade of bright blue. It was risky, but it was worth it. The homeowner and I both love it. In this kitchen, its backsplash definitely makes a statement. Using this material in only one small spot cuts down on costs.

4. Add character with collections. Whether it’s a group of vintage glassware on an open shelf or a centerpiece of found objects, pieces that are important to you will project warmth and character in to a space. This kitchen’s collection of mismatched dining chairs and beautifully framed children’s artwork are making me fall in love with this family.

5. Pay attention to the finishing details. In a kitchen this often means cabinet hardware. These leather trimmed pulls add texture and complement the kitchen’s overall eclectic style.


— courtney 

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