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Where and how we work has been transformed for many of us recently.  If you are like us, you have begun working at home and kitchens counters and bar stool have suddenly become desks & chairs!   We are looking for ways to help during this time and thought we could give you ideas & tips on how to set up a home office.

Chances are, you didn’t have a whole lot of time to design your new home/work situation. We’ve been practicing our “zoom” skills here at Terracotta. Let’s be honest, how many calls or “streams” have you been on recently wearing a baseball hat or your PJ’s? No judgement here.

As we all adjust to our new reality, perhaps consider reimagining a space that’s available within the current footprint of your abode. Creativity will prove to be therapeutic and essential for both your attitude and productivity. It does not have to be too fancy, complicated, elaborate or even that large. Think about the tools you need the most, then repurpose COMFY furniture pieces you have on hand. Most importantly, introduce a bit of your own aesthetic, keeping it clean and calm. Calm is good. 👌

The space can be as simple as a niche under a stairway, or like me, a breakfast nook that I love but rarely use. Think eclectically, and consider natural sunlight, uncluttered surfaces, and a bit of color. Whether you’ve got an entire room or just a tiny corner, we’ve got inspiration for you with some of the home offices we’ve had the pleasure to design throughout our Terracotta history. (which we proudly say will soon be 15 years of history). 🙌 Take a look:

This office is a converted dining room. If you have a formal dining room, chances are that you do not have a need for it at this moment.   Consider using your dining room table as your desk and your buffet as your credenza. The home office above was set up in a rarely used dining room and is flexible enough to return to a dining room in a pinch.

This small desk was carved out of space between the kitchen and the mud room where you can multi-task and keep an eye on the fam! Just because it is small doesn’t mean it cannot pack a punch.  Find a small space for pin board and a drawer for your files.  Use adjacent cabinets with bins to organize your work and papers.

This corner niche also doubles as a desk/sewing area in a master suite. Your bedroom can also serve as a home office in a pinch. A vanity area in your bedroom can be repurposed as a desk during the day. If you are living with other family members, the ability to shut the door for privacy could be a blessing.

In a matter of days schools have closed and your home has been turned into a virtual classroom. All of the sudden it is important to find a dedicated space for your child to study and video conference. Their bedroom can be the easiest solution.  If you have space, set up a desk for them in their room close to natural light to keep them alert. A swing wall lamp can function for both reading in bed and desk lighting. This teen bedroom includes the perfect spot for remote classwork or craft projects.

Find space in your existing bookcase to add a hidden work area. That way, at the end of the day you can close it up and no one will know the mess that lies behind. Pull up a stool and you’re all set.

Private spaces with doors can be extremely helpful for Zoom or conference calls!  If there are any rooms in your home that are under-utilized, you should consider taking them over and making them yours. Black gloss paint in this home office mutes the bright sunlight coming into this converted sunroom.

Do you actually use your formal living room? These homeowners did not and transformed their front living room into a home office. You can do the same by pushing aside your living room sofa and setting up a desk.  Built-in book cases can be used for office filing and storage, just spend a little time on-line shopping to select storage boxes and cubbies that match your décor.

Desks come in all shapes and sizes! Think outside the box and devise a desk that is set up from tables of different shapes. If multiple family members are all needing space to work and study, setting up a collaborative desk area might be the best solution. This desk is a shared study area for siblings in their home. The fun bright colors are balanced by the calming effects of natural light, plants and natural hides.

For dedicated home offices, consider your personality and make sure it shows through in the design. The brick wall was intentionally exposed to be the background for the  homeowner’s antique arrow.

Multi-functional spaces can put you where the action is. Don’t be shy about setting up a desk in these areas as they can help you feel more connected to everyone and let you keep an eye on the household. In addition, spaces with high ceilings and lots of natural light are very comforting and can help you be more productive.

We would love to see your home office, please share a snap to

During these uncertain times it’s difficult to stay focused, so we have a few tips. Try warming up your space with some ambient light and task lighting for the night owls. Organization fosters productivity, so it’s a good idea to have stylish bins for the essentials like clips, pens, staples etc. Music is very inspiring, and a good escape from the news. Plants or some fresh flowers are wonderful to lift spirits. Gunner, my co-worker at home makes me smile and keeps me on my toes!

Stay tuned for more “what to do at home” inspired blog posts. Next week you’ll hear from our Terracotta moms about home schooling…

Thanks to Jeff Herr for the beautiful photography.

Stay safe, and Love Life at Home





  • Elizabeth Jennings says:

    Wow!! Such an inspiration and so relevant, as I re-evaluate my work space.

    Thank you for bring a bright spot of individuality and sophistication!

  • melissa skow says:

    Wow I absolutely love your creativity, every picture tells a story. Not just a piece of furniture with decor, i actually get transported where you guys want to take me!
    I also would to know what light grays you prefer to use on the walls.

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