Meet Mackenzie!

Newest member of the house! 🙌

We’re so happy to introduce Mackenzie Barrett, our most recent addition to the TCDB family. She joins us as a Jr. Designer, and if you have not met her yet, you’re in for a real treat. 😉

Before joining Terracotta, Mackenzie studied at High Point University, then worked for six years as an Interior Design Assistant & an Architecture Associate in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Just married in February, she and her husband are busy getting settled in the ATL. Why Atlanta? Before meeting Mackenzie, her husband had grown up in the Johns Creek/Alpharetta area most of his life, so it seemed like a great place for the newlyweds to raise a family. 🥰

Mackenzie has been smitten with the world of design since a very early age. Her family moved often, which provided her with the exciting opportunity to design her room at every new location. Her obsession with arranging and rearranging continued throughout her youth. She recalls shopping with her mother at the Home Depot, when she came across a floor plan book…had to have it. After some convincing, her mother bought her the book and Mackenzie quickly organized every plan, picked her favorites, and sketched “her versions” of them. The rest is history.

Inspired by Pinterest, following designers on social media, and of course collaborating with her new TCDB buddies, Mackenzie is eager to dive into designing her new home in Atlanta, starting with a nature based color scheme. We’ll keep you posted.

Mackenzie’s other passions are savoring a good iced coffee, trying new restaurants and cooking. Friends insist that she’s a full fledged “foodie”, famous for her Thai curry soup. 🥢 Since her husband is Jamaican, she’s been learning Jamaican staple dishes from her mother-in-law, continuing to pass them down to the future generations. Sounds yummy, we’re hoping she’ll share! Like the rest of us, Mackenzie is a dog lover, hinting that there might be a pup in her near future. 🐶

We are just thrilled that she’s a part of our team! She is very busy these days immersing herself into the projects, so there’s a good chance you’ll meet her soon.


Love Life at Home. ❤️









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  • Would love to know the floor plan book Mackenzie was so intent on getting as a girl. Any chance of a share of this?
    Kindest regards, Nancy

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