ICYMI, we’ve made some tweaks to our home page, so command R and check out what’s new. You can now follow our Instas, and view/download a current Portfolio Lookbook. This is a collection of images of our projects, along with a project guide that you can download and print.


BTW, we’ve added a nifty new printable tool we’re calling the “Design Planner” that’s designed specifically to help you get started on your project. It’s a good tool for organizing your wish list/must haves, and it gives us some insight on the style and scope of your project. No matter how large or small, there’s a lot to consider and a ton of questions to be answered when you embark on a project. It’s a good way to collect your ideas, set goals and establish a focused plan. In the perfect world right? There will always be changes and modifications but this tool is a good place to start.

Our studio doors are always open to visitors, please stop by, bring your planner and let’s have fun!


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