Rethinking your Home (part 2)

Lately, it’s seems as if everything has been turned INSIDE OUT. 🙃 Fair enough, let’s talk about taking the inside out in this “What’s Next” part 2 post. With warm weather hanging around for at least a few more months, we should definitely enjoy the great outdoors right around our own hacienda. Already a huge lifestyle trend, outdoor living is officially in overdrive. We’ll explore some ideas to consider in terms of that coveted expansion of our homes. We picked our team’s brain for some tips and suggestions. The sky is the limit. Literally.

Rockin’ it. Front porches are great places to unwind, ponder, or catch up with neighbors. Make sure all furniture and accessory choices are specified for outdoor use. Invest in durable materials without forfeiting style. We suggest selecting slipcovers, throws and decorative pillows that are machine washable. “Choose rugs that can be bleached and rinsed outside to get rid of pesky mildew or dirt. A true quality outdoor piece should have colorfastness that will last for many years.” For specific examples, our go-to’s are Perennials for its fabrics and rugs, as well as the popular brand Sunbrella. Adurable! 😆

Dining out. Outdoor kitchens are good investments and now even more so. Planning a stay-cation verses a vacation might be the perfect opportunity to invest in your own backyard getaway. A sprawling estate is not necessary to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Chances are, you want an outdoor space that’s multi-functional —not just for cooking. Keep in mind how the space will function for entertaining. If you don’t have natural shade, a pergola or roof structure will help protect this area from the sun. Large or small, think creatively (we can help) and establish your priorities according to your space and budget. No reservations required.

An open invitation. Double doors lead to this outdoor living area that is defined by a trellis structure and a floating fireplace. Intentionally designed to maintain that wonderful sensation of “being with nature,” this living expansion is perfect for star gazing and s’mores. Fireplaces will comfortably transition your outdoor space into the chillier months. Our team stresses the importance of a good design for the fireplace that will complement the style of your home. “Keep in mind the size of your space … If the fireplace is too large, it can overwhelm the space, but if it is too small it will look out of place. Weigh the pros and cons of gas vs. wood-burning.  Nothing can replicate the smell of a wood fire, but take into consideration that it will need to be vented by a vertical chimney, while a gas burning fireplace can be vented thru the back of the unit.  Both have distinct advantages, so familiarize yourself before making your final decision.” Star struck!

Short cuts. For a less elaborate solution, an über simple gravel area with a portable fire pit, paired up with a few stylish chairs and some string lights can inspire an intimate gathering. There are an abundance of options out there to best fit your landscape style. Kum Bah Yah!

He shed she shed. Small house, big expansion. For living, working, or just relaxing, this one checks a lot of boxes —OR you could think outside the box, and create a wellness corner to roll out a yoga mat or meditation cushion. 🧘🏻‍♀️ This concept is interesting to explore for home offices, she sheds, man caves or anyone that needs a time out. More to come on this movement. Stay tuned.

Well… we hope that we have inspired you to branch out —even if it is in the back yard. We welcome feedback and/or questions as we navigate through our “What’s Next” series.

Special thanks to Jeff, at JHP for the amazing images! Many thanks to Lonny; Crate and Barrel (fire pit inspiration)

Love Life Outside ❤️



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