Rethinking Your Home (Part 4)

He shed. She shed. As promised, we’re going to explore the concept of detached multi-functional “structures.” Popular before quarantine, “she sheds” provided a space to do some flower potting, journaling, yoga, heavy drinking, or whatever therapeutic tasks that brings one joy. None-the-less, it serves as a quiet reprieve from the world that’s going on in the main dwelling. In current times, such spaces have grown from novel to necessity. Think home office, home schooling, or a place to welcome guests. Honestly, it’s difficult to tell your best friends from across the country not to visit… right?

Shedding. Let’s start by referring to this addition as something other than “a shed.” Let’s call it ADU’s. Wait, what is an ADU??? An Accessory Dwelling Unit, which is a detached living space on your property most commonly located in the backyard. Who knew?! Hmmmm, that can solve some issues without looking for a bigger house. Since most of these structures are strategically located in the backyard, our advice is to have a good survey, knowledge of the zoning regulations, and an architectural plan that suits your needs, —and even more importantly – it should be designed with aesthetics that maintain the integrity of your property. Your neighbors will also appreciate it.

Options: There’s an abundance of choices and styles with super cute configurations available that you can actually order online. Just click and boom, it shows up. Sounds quick, easy and somewhat affordable. Let the buyer beware…bathrooms and other luxuries are considered extras!! You will need to get permits, add foundations, and supply water, sewer, electrical, and maybe even gas. Before you add to the cart, we advise ample research about permits, codes and again, general aesthetics of the structure. We can help!! Here’s a few ideas to consider…

Top it off. Because a shed is not as tall as a regular building, the roof will be clearly visible. Design a roof with a pitch and materials that are attractive and feasible. Common roofing materials include: cedar shingles, cedar shakes, real or faux slate, metal, tile, or a green or living roof.

Decked out! Elevate the exterior with decking to include some personality up front. We’re lovin’ this Terracotta accent color. 😍

Final touches. Make it welcoming. Simple details such as the lighting fixtures can be a visual game changer, like this classic barn light sconce by Schoolhouse.


Shed some light. Transform the structure with plenty of natural light sources such as transoms, windows or doors. 🌞A design that includes an abundance of ambient light is always a good idea for a home office space. No one wants to work in a dark box, plus you can keep an eye on what’s going on in the big house.

This concept is a very intriguing one —we hope that you enjoyed the inspiration, as we navigate through our “re-configured” lifestyles, and how it affects our spaces. We are working on one of these project sheds as we speak and can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you’re considering such an adventure, but don’t know where to start, give us a call!

Love Life at Home

Thanks to, Dwell, StudioShed, and Schoolhouse for content and inspiration images.

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