Rethinking your Home

Kids and dogs pop up on zoom calls as we live/work AT HOME. —And if we’re perfectly honest, it’s been interesting to get a virtual glimpse of everyone’s ponderosa. 🤠 Making those adjustments in our lifestyle has become a necessary process, so what’s next? How does the impact of quarantine change the psychology of how we think about our homes? In the midst of change, decor trends have certainly merged from “pretty” to practical. Now it’s a matter of quality of life and bringing wellness into our refuge.

The new frontier will most definitely change how we live and design our sanctuaries. If you are considering new construction or a renovation, there’s new ideology to think about. Overwhelming? Let’s take it one at a time.

For the next few weeks we’re breakin’ it down into a series of posts that explore “what’s next.” We encourage ANY input along the way, and invite you to help us adapt to best meet your needs.

In this post we’ll talk about making our spaces healthier through technology and good old fashion chemistry. 😉

Meet the METALS.  Terms like antimicrobial have become “the buzz word” as we explore materials with intrinsic properties that deter microorganisms. Nickel, copper, brass and bronze are among them and for this reason, hardware and fixtures made of these metals will become even more popular in the months ahead. These fixtures will keep away the germs and bacteria on kitchen cabinet handles or doorknobs, even if we’re not constantly dousing them with disinfecting spray. NOTE: Make sure hardware is real nickel, copper, brass, or bronze, not just the finish.

Hands OFF. Say hello to the no-touch faucets. Hand washing has risen to a new level. No more worries about your freshly washed hands getting germy by turning the faucet off.

Shiny & TIDY. Hoarding the toilet paper? No more! Check out the Smart toilets. Bidet attachments are flying off the shelf as fast as toilet paper, so why not invest in a smart toilet with added technology that also functions as a bidet, plus keeps your toilet clean, glows in the dark, and plays music. Boom! —or should we say Bum! 😆

Breathe easy…Air Purifiers are here to stay. Families spending more time at home makes us re-think the indoor air quality. Replacing or upgrading the filters in HVAC units in our homes as well as investing in an air purifier may give you added peace of mind.

Stepping it UP!  Antimicrobial floors. Cork floors are naturally antimicrobial, water resistant keeping mold and mildew at bay. Cork absorbs sound which is a great benefit for families sharing home and work spaces. Not to mention it feels good on your paws. If cork is not your thing, ceramic tile is a good choice as well as floors finished with a protective coating that is both anti microbial and antibacterial. Some popular examples of this are seen on concrete floors and luxury vinyl. Home offices, mud rooms, or playrooms could be good candidates for these types of materials.

Stay tuned for more tips and ideas as we navigate the new frontier. Please give us your feedback by emailing on how we can best design your spaces for the future, making sure that we will always ❤️ Love Life at Home.

Special thanks to Jeff at Jeff Herr Photography for the beautiful image. Many thanks for inspiration content and images goes to Kohler; Italian Bark; Decoist; and Dyson


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