Share the Love

February 14th. The day to share the love. Here are six really simple, sweet and stylish suggestions to express gratitude for those we love. Like love, they come straight from the heart. 💘

One— A “like you a latte.” Make it fancy with a little red Washi tape and your personal message. Absolutely will make someone’s morning!

Two— Who does not like a doughnut? Especially ones that are pink and delicious. Visit your favorite shop to pick up a dozen. Revolution Doughnuts, in Decatur has some pretty savvy choices…just sayin.

Three— Check it out. A gingham shirt that’s soft and sturdy… your guy will look smashing in the red one.

Four— Love you bunches, written right on the label, how easy is that? This delicious Carbonic Sangiovese from Stolpman Vineyards can be found at Whole Foods.

Five— Love grows here. Flowers are wonderful but they do have a shelf life. These tiny sweet potted succulents, are very low maintenance and will remind your Valentine how much you care for days on end.

Six— This is so cool! Essie now has “Expressie,” a nail polish that will dry in 60 seconds. It’s true. Gorgeous nails in the “no nicks” of time. Add a message tied with bakers ribbon and boom, a great Valentine gift!

We hope that you have a wonderful Valentines Day and that we all take the time to remind those we love how special they are! 🥰

Love Life at Home.

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