Our home is our anchor now more than ever, so this holiday season we’re all about channeling comfort and joy. Thanksgiving, a day designated for expresssing such joy with gratitude to those we love. A day to bless our friends and family with a meal, while sharing traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. This year our gathering may be smaller, however our traditions remain sacred.

Remember when your mother started setting the Thanksgiving table a week in advance? If you’re like most, you didn’t pay nearly enough attention to the lesson explaining what fork goes where and why? Does it really matter? Depends on who you ask. My father always required “a full set of hardware.” Even so, the acorn never falls far from the tree and yes the pressure is on for a tablescape mom would approve. ❤️ In this post, we’ll share some inspiration for that special gathering.

Keep it simple. Less is more. After all, you’ve worked so hard on that meal (or at least someone has), why camouflage it with a cornucopia filled with fall foliage and pumpkins. Keep in mind simple place-settings and tabletop décor will engage your guests to share a conversation across the table without dodging a tall centerpiece, or dropping a roll in a sea of  gourds. At the end of the day it’s all about the recipes and the dishes that bring us comfort as we head to the nearest sofa for a nap (or a football game)


Establish a neutral palette. Let the food rule on a canvas of soft muted tones. There are so many options for gorgeous handmade pottery in subtle hues with organic shapes, glazes and patinas to mix and match. Don’t forget to invest in serving platters and bowls. Pass the peas please.

Charge it. For an extra layer of texture and warmth, mix in a bit of contrast with a natural wood toned or rattan chargers.

Must-have linen napkins + cloth! Don’t scrimp on the linens, but here’s the good news, keep the iron in the cupboard. Back in the day, linens were pressed and fussy. Let’s update that tradition, and embrace the softness of wrinkles that feel relaxed and comfortable, yet elevated. Sorry mom. 😘

Yessssss to mixing metals. Silver, brass, matte black, and vintage pieces for flatware, candlesticks, and rims of stems. Don’t forget the aunt’s pickle fork. 😉

Forage. Take a nature walk in your back yard for sweet twigs, berries, and leafy branches. Live in a high rise? A great classic go-to is a bunch of silver dollar eucalyptus that will go a long way (Trader Joe’s under $10). It drapes perfectly imperfect with very little effort. Other trending greens are Dusty Miller, Rosemary, seeded eucalyptus and Lambs Ear. Earlier we warned against gourds…having said that, small white pumpkins or Kobucha squash are very elegant to add to the scape. You can have your squash and eat it too.

We hope you enjoyed our table-talk and we invite you all to send us a snap of your creations.

We are grateful for all of our friends and family. Beyond a lovely meal, we wish you health, comfort, joy, and much happiness on this day of thanks!

Love Life at Home.

Many thanks for content and inspiration photos goes to Athena Calderone and Sarah Elliot, Pinterest, Etsy, Mr. Bowl Ceramics, and Gardenista.







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