The Winning Hand

🎲 How to Play to Win 🎲

Whether you’re tossing the dice or dealing the cards, the decision to renovate, build or buy can seem like a crapshoot these days. Higher priced materials and longer lead times are adding another layer to an already stressful process. We say, you should prepare to “play to win”. No one has the proverbial crystal ball, so we’re sharing some pointers on how to play your best hand, with a rewarding outcome.

The table stakes. Knowing what’s ahead can help you navigate, so here’s a few straight up stats before we deal. Delays. 😬 Construction projects, for all scopes of work are taking longer. Surge in demand, permitting, to back-ordered materials, are all factors that are hard to predict and can cause frustrating delays. Fortunately, a good dose of patience and a lot of planning is the easiest option to stay in the game. Put on your best poker face and stay focused on the exciting benefits of your new space. Raising the stakes (budget). According to the National Association of Home Builders, increased costs of labor and materials, shortage of home inventory and overall demand, are driving numbers higher. Good news? Yep, even with interest rates creeping up, they are still low enough to justify the expense of a smart renovation or a new build.  Both have tremendous value.   Follow suit with these pointers in mind…


Save wisely. If you know you have a large project you want to tackle or a new house you want to build, you need to bankroll it by preparing for these expenses in advance.  When it comes to making selections, you can hold a winning hand by picking and choosing materials and fixtures within your budget. There are many elegant, good quality options that won’t break the bank. Whether it is your forever home or not, consult a designer about the right design for you.

Hire the Pros. Rather than relying on beginner’s luck, hire the pros to help you plan ahead for any project.  These days having a project completely designed and planned in advance is your best shot at making a sure bet. Contractors, architects, and designers have all adapted to pandemic delays by shuffling up their timelines and selecting any harder-to-get items like appliances, plumbing and upholstery first.

Be decisive. Stick to the plan by being methodical in your decision making.  Once you have spent the time to properly design your home, you should not back track and change your mind. Second guessing and changing your mind can be an expensive game changer that can possibly delay your project for months.

Give yourself time. Start on the right foot by not rushing through the design of your home. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should your home. Use patience throughout all phases of your project, from beginning to end.  If you are under construction, even though you cannot see it, there is always work happening behind the scenes. If you are furnishing your house, expect pieces to arrive at different times, so even though the space may not look perfect until everything is installed, it eventually will.

Ace in the hole.

Take the time to properly plan in the predesign phase. Choose a team that has a loyal crew and regular tradespeople. With your vision locked, and your dream team in place, you can have fun watching the transformation. We hope that we shed some light on renovating in this ever-changing housing market. Risk taking is always scary but also exciting. Gambling aside, we’d love to be your dream team.😉

Love Life at Home. ❤️


Thanks to House Beautiful for content.

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