Truth in Interior Design

No small task. The many tasks of interior designers often go unnoticed in the excitement and aesthetics of a project. That is why we think it is important to explain the role of an interior designer and why they should be educated and registered or licensed.

The short answer:  The interior design of all built environments significantly impacts the health, safety and welfare of the public. That’s a mouthful…but we’ll elaborate.

Peace of mind. Our clients benefit from knowing that the individuals they have agreed to trust with their interior spaces are qualified. Legal recognition (registration or licensure) ensures the standards of competency for the profession. That includes the three E’s of Interior Design:  Education, Experience, and Examination.

The three E’s.  A professional interior designer is qualified by degree education, documented experience, and licensing examination.  A combined knowledge of building codes, critical and creative thinking, product sourcing, installation techniques, logistics, visual communication, and production technology, are implemented for each client with the purpose of creating beautiful spaces that improve your quality of life while protecting the health, safety and welfare of your family.  Sounds technical?… That’s because it is!

Interior Design is more than a gorgeous pillow. As much as we love selecting amazing fabrics and wallpapers, another important priority is managing your project. This encompasses consultations, space planning, drawings, specifications, fire & safety codes, construction documents, electrical power & data plans, and on site monitoring, just to name a few. Beyond those responsibilities, is the attention to detail as it relates to the unique needs/aesthetics of the individual and how they live and use their space. To be certain, it’s a left brain/right brain occupation with an honest dose of psychology.

We are passionate about our designs which are guided by knowledge, experience, and creativity. It is always, always an imperative investment to partner with professionals who will protect your interests when it comes to the level of quality and safety of your home.

Love life at home.


Many thanks to Jeff Herr for the beautiful image and the American Society of Interior Designers for content.

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