2018 REsolutions


January 1, time for a brief Re-flection before moving on to all the other “Re ” words that inspire us to make this year THE year to roll up our sleeves and make it happen. Our home is our Re-fuge so given that, these Re-s may be appropriate options for your house. We have a few more wintery months to spend indoors, making it an excellent time to focus on interiors. Need a new look? Tired of living vicariously through Pinterest? What color palettes, fabrics and textures best represent your style? Not enough storage? Small changes can make a huge difference. Large or small, there is always a fresh perspective with a creative solution. Here’s a few examples…



Re-fresh. This sweet bedroom was transformed from a sea of  beige to a soft palette of blue, paired with an unexpected bright pop on the ceiling.  (A favorite design trick). An elegant crystal chandelier and a nickel swing arm wall sconce adds a modern twist while an open shelf provides desk storage. The printed fabrics and textures were selected to reflect the creative personality of the artist who lives here.



Re-claim. These open shelves reclaimed from the family farm showcase a collection of heirloom vintage bowls. The homeowner not only enjoys displaying these amazing bowls but they are conveniently located to use as well. We get so excited about including these design touches that are closely connected to our clients’ hearts. ❤️



Re-purpose. A live edge wood slab is a unique organic design element in this modern kitchen. Most live edges are responsibly sourced from dead standing trees or root systems left on the forest floor. The warmth of the natural wood tones balances the clean lines of the surrounding contemporary materials.



Re-design. Storage issues? This solves so many problems and it looks spectacular. The trim and hardware take these built-ins to a new level with sconces to compliment the hardware. The color palette selected gives this bedroom a new look with a purpose.



Re-peat. One of our favorite wallpapers ever gives this small powder room a big personality. Take a close look, the homeowner cleverly placed the framed image of a very young Mick Jagger leaning on a wall that has the very same wallpaper. In Mick’s words, “A good thing never ends.” We would agree.



Re-lax. Our homes are our place to rest and restore. We’re happy to help you make your home Re-solutions a reality.

All the featured projects are from our studio at Terracotta. Thanks to all of our clients who collaborated with us to create this inspiration. All of the images were taken by Jeff Herr. Stay tuned for more posts about our latest interior design projects. —love life at home.





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