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We were over-the-moon when we received our LUXE INTERIORS + DESIGN magazine’s summer issue featuring one of our beloved projects in historic Druid Hills. It’s a beauty in the most fantastic sense. We had a fabulous time curating this project and to share in its glory is very exciting. This home has been a historical gem from the day it was first imagined by Leila Ross Wilburn, through the work of thoughtful past renovations, to Terracotta’s final touch today. The home is steeped in great design and enjoys the stewardship of perfect homeowners that are intent on guarding its legacy, but look forward to entertaining and sharing it with friends and family. You can feel the welcoming vibes when you enter those gorgeous front doors. So please come inside and be our guest. Check out the whole story by clicking here.

Thank you to our friend Lisa Mowry, whom did a great job telling this story, including bits of details shared by Ili and the rest of the design and construction team about the home’s past and present.

Many thanks also to Kate Abney, Homes Editor Southeast at LUXE INTERIORS + DESIGN for collaborating with us to feature our project, and as always, to Jeff Herr for the amazing photography.


Love Life at Home. ❤️

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