As the transparency of creative content grows online and the idea of DIY’ing takes over how we approach design in our personal lives, local workshops where you can join a group of people to learn a new trade is a concept that has caught the attention of many. With the do-it-yourself culture on the rise, we decided to jump in and see how we, too, can share our knowledge and ideas with friends, family, clients and beyond.

Last Fall we collaborated with West Elm (here in Atlanta) and hosted our very first workshop experience and it was such a success that we had to do it again.

That leads us to today where we hosted our second ever workshop and touched on a new, yet foreign topic for many of those who reach out to us for design help. Designing for entertaining  – and not just any ol’ entertaining, entertaining with flowers. Even better flowers you probably already have in your backyard, in your neighbors yard, or items straight out of your pantry. We paired up with Mary McLeod from Amy Osaba Events and touched on (1) foundational rules on how to set up a dining space for the perfect party where our owner Ili Hidalgo-Nilsson shared her tips and tricks on furniture sizes, lighting selections, paint colors and more, and (2) on how to find unique flowers that you likely come across everyday and use them to make pretty/effortless arrangements and food decor. We had such a blast and got to meet so many new people. We just can’t wait to do it again.

p.s. thank you to everyone who came out today! and thank you Mary & Amy for collaborating with us – it was such a joy!



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