Gardens that Inspire! Mother’s Day Approved.

Inspired by gardening related gifts for mother’s day, we headed over to Gardenista for some gardening inspiration and came across this story of the ‘small space gardening goddess’, Isabelle Palmer (portrait below and author of The Balcony Gardener and The House Gardener). Her specialty is transforming empty balcony spaces with tons of potential into beautiful green havens! See her work below for a peak into Isabelle’s own space and furthermore our Isabelle-inspired garden gifts for mom. Happy early-Mother’s Day everyone!


See the full story on Gardenista HERE!

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RedPapaya Blog : Our Gardeing Picks

From Left to Right –

Ash Wood Garden Tools, Gardener Gear Card, Bruno Planter, Industrial Wall Planter, Sea Green Watering Can, Mini P.S. 12 Notebook, The Plant Recipe Book, Fluted Planter, Palmas Napkin & Villa Napkin, Otter Planter

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