ASO Designer Showhouse: Coming soon!

It’s official. We love showhouses and this one is right here in Atlanta. Who? What? Where? When?

Atlanta Magazine and Atlanta Magazine’s HOME have partnered with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 🎵 to present the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Designer Showhouse. This is a special 75th anniversary for the orchestra and we are super excited to be a designer participant. This new contemporary home will be (being built as we speak) located in Buckhead (Ridgewood Road) and scheduled to open to the public early February 2020.

That’s approximately 12 weeks (roughly 80 days) from now. 😳 We’ve got this. Eager to make our design wishes come true, we’ll be planning/selecting as we feast on turkey and sip on egg nog, while visions of showhouses dance in our heads!  Oh what fun! Much like the One Room Challenge, we will share all that fun with you from now until the big reveal.

For more details about the house go to Atlanta HOME Magazine. Our assignment is the room with the view directly overlooking the lap pool. More to come in the next weeks. Tick tock!

*Renderings borrowed from Atlanta HOME magazine.

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