ASO Designer Showhouse: The artwork

We are making sooooo much progress on the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Designer Showhouse project. Just a quick review…we had our design charette and decisions have been made for the direction of our guest suite. Along with that, we have commissioned artwork.  Scroll down to meet the artists and get a sneak peek of our plan…

We cannot be more excited to feature our friend and local artist Sammie Leiter, (age 15) who is very busy creating an abstract painting slated to go directly over the bed. Sammie is currently painting at Studio 23 with Amberly Hood, and has painted with national artist Elizabeth Stockton and basically any studio she’s invited to. Sammie’s work is displayed in many private collections around the US, as well as many schools in the Atlanta area.

The overall vibrance and spontaneity of the brush strokes are in perfect rhythm with the moody hues of the space.

Meet Gabor Jurina, NY based photographer who has been published internationally and is a contributor to countless fashion and beauty houses.

This bathing beauty will be the focal point at the entry of the guest suite, that opens out to the pool. The connection to water, also reflects a bit of nostalgia in a modern way.

David Parise photographs vintage Barbie and Ken dolls in their original 1960’s outfits. His inspiration for these images began in 2009 after spotting vintage Barbie and Ken dolls in a fashion book. Miami Beach, with beautiful beaches and cool vintage hotels became the backdrop. His art is fun, and has a certain 60’s vibe. The photographs have been featured in galleries from New York to LA.

It was hard to choose, however, the print titled Synchronized Barbie was selected. You must admit it makes you smile.

The wall mural will be handpainted by Wendy Digel, owner of This Faux House specializing in creative and innovative finishes. The above image is the inspiration. Watch for future posts with updates during the install process…perhaps some on-the-scene snaps.

Stay tuned for more updates as the creative process progresses and we reveal more details.

Many thanks for the inspiration images from House Beautiful UK, Amy Leiter, Gabor Jurina, and David Parise.

Love Life at Home.




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