ASO Designer Showhouse: The Charette, Part 1

Organized chaos is part of any creative process. Speaking of the process, Ili had an amazing idea to kickoff the showhouse design stage by having a “charette.” Sounds so chic, right? Wait what? 8 Hours? On Friday?

BTW, a charette (pronounced “shuh-RET”) is a focused period of design activity. Hmmmmm. In fields of design such as architecture, industrial design, interior design and graphic design, the term charette refers to an intense ⏰ period of work by one person or a group of people (women?) prior to a deadline.

Here’s how it worked for us. We (all of us, left brain & right) were divided into three teams. Each team got three inspiration images depicting fashion, interiors and nature, to serve as inspiration for our theme/design.

Game on. For the next  several hours, each team developed their plan for our assigned space to be presented on a design board by EOD. Things we asked ourselves? Is this a guest room, if so what is the style? Color palette? Furniture selections? Artwork? Then there’s the WOW factor? What makes it a “Terracotta” room? No pressure. Good thing champagne was involved.

First things first. Working brains require nourishment. We had a beautiful breakfast with mimosas (thank you Ili and Julie) before we rolled up our sleeves.


Busy bees. Can’t talk right now…

The hunt.


Not even time to chat about the daily special at Taqueria del Sol…what’s going on between those ears?

No doubt Kirstin was enjoying the challenge. You could hear a pin drop. Tick Tock.

We had a blast and eight hours later came up with three awesome plans. Now what? Stay tuned for “the Charette Part 2” when we’ll show you the inspiration boards from Team A, B and C!

Love Life at Home


*Special thanks to Extra Crispy where you can get advice for the perfect champagne for your Mimosa. Inspiration image by vxia via wikimedia commons.

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