ASO Designer Showhouse: The Charette Part 2

Time’s up! ⏰ Put your pencils down please. Let’s review. Three teams. Nine inspiration photos. Three ideas…ONE room with a bath. In the spirit of the Atlanta Symphony’s  anniversary, we named our ideas accordingly 🎻

Team A, whatcha got?

Idea number 1. “Colorful Crescendo.” Neutrals? Not so much! Lots of good attitude for this guest suite. Unexpected twists for a modern interior, Team A selected bold punches of color, daring prints and rich textures that command the room. Following the cues of the inspiration shots (called out above), Team A lit-it-up with a plan that will give guests something to remember. Mindful of the modern edge of the architecture, they circled the wagons with materials consistent with the exterior, like the partial wall of vertical black batten panels on the side wall. Twin beds with three super tall arched headboard panels covered in a black/white deco print take center stage. Loud and proud. 💃

Team B, you’re up!

Idea number 2. “A Suite Symphony.” Inspired by three images (shown above), Team B orchestrated a textural design with a chic mix of uber plush fabrics, modern shapes and natural materials. Curves prevail in tables, draperies, and the headboard. The palette ranges from a stormy plum ombré wall treatment, to the warmth of a vintage-y cognac leather chair. Great minds think alike…wood slats, stained in a natural tone and made into a panel, bring another layer of texture to the walls consistent with the exterior. A chunky cream rug was selected to provide an inviting soft harmony. Everything about this design is the very definition of luxury, the kind of five-star-boutique-hotel luxury. Bravo. 👏🏽


Team C, it’s your turn!

Idea number 3. “Rhapsody in Blue.” Inspired by lapis blue hues of water and reflections, Team C was drawn to compose a zen-like guest suite, designed with elements for relaxation and meditation. Since this room is in eye shot view of the lap pool, this idea seemed like the perfect parley into a haven of sensory peacefulness. A hand-painted mural in an indigo palette is specified to go up one wall and onto the ceiling to mimic water and sky. A low platform bed is centered in the room, outfitted with lush cushions, large enough for a lotus pose. Similar floor cushions in blush and champagne tones offer tranquil comfort for meditating in front of the large bank of windows or pool side. The team chose a soft vintage Persain rug to bring muted hints of color and pattern into the room. Furniture selections are simple silhouettes in natural wood tones, slightly rustic in a modern way. OM. 🧘🏻‍♀️


Not bad for ONE day. So now what? We would LOVE to know which one is your favorite!!! Seems like we have a lot of time but au contraire, orders need to be placed yesterday. 😳 Tick Tock. Head over to our Insta Stories to cast your vote!


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