ASO Showhouse: Decisions

Decisions, decisions…and we appreciated all the insta feedback on our concepts for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Showhouse with Atlanta Magazine’s HOME.

In true Terracotta fashion, we decided to take pieces/parts of each concept from Teams A, B and C. A good design is ever evolving and collectively edited. Along with a few new selects, the eagles have landed on this (above) inspiration board.

Inspired by Team B’s “Suite Symphony,” the uber boutique-y guest suite, an eclectic combination of textures and shapes became our starting point. Everyone agreed on the wood paneled wall from Teams A and B, that is consistent with the exterior. With the whimsey of Team A’s concept, fabric selects are plush and modern, with bold prints and spicy color. Mixes of wood, leather and metals will orchestrate the design.

A hand painted mural, (Team C) is in the plan with slightly different shades of blues. Namaste. Artwork has been commissioned, and we can’t wait to share more about those artists in a few weeks.

So many more details to come, but this is definitely a room with something for everyone to love. Stay tuned.

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