Back to School Organization 101

FYI, it’s Back to School, get organized ASAP. NP! 🤗

Are you ready to get back to the routine? We’ve broken it down with four sanity-saving pointers to help you and your family (Fido included) get organized for the next exciting school year! A good place to start is dealing with clutter and establishing dedicated zones for school essentials. With an organizational system in place, it’s easier for everyone to get out the door on time, and for kiddos to locate necessary supplies for projects or extra curricular activities, and (fingers crossed) complete their homework.🤞 Let’s get started.

One>The catch all, ie dedicated place for shoes, backpacks, sporting gear and jackets. ⚽️ Otherwise every available surface will become a magnet for after school clutter. If your home does not have a separate room or entryway for such, a strategically placed built-in like this one does the job just as well.


Clutter control for the paper mountain. “In” and “Out” bins. The “in” bin is equipped with a filing system for the incoming papers that require action or to be filed throughout the year. The “out”  bin holds completed homework or any important papers that need to be turned back in on a daily basis.

Don’t forget about keeping Fido organized. A morning walk or car pool goes a lot smoother with a grab and go leash. Besides the in and out bins, we love, love the wallpaper we selected for this mudroom. ♥️



TWO>Homework station. Homework can be stressful for parents too, leaving them as frustrated as their kids as they scramble to make room and find suppliesA dedicated distraction-free area with supplies on hand minimizes stress and chaos for study time. This zone is vital for our future scholars, 🤓 to concentrate on assignments, create projects and learn.


THREE>Family command central. Stowing everything from keys, books, to-do lists, posted reminders, craft supplies, laptops, to perhaps a little artwork, we highly encourage you to set one up. The family dynamic will run more smoothly when it comes to getting out the door in different directions every day. The command central we designed for this family is loaded with storage opportunities, hooks, drawers, and cubbies is appropriately located in the kitchen. When it’s not in use, it’s perfectly hidden behind beautiful paneled doors.


Four>Pantry prep. School lunches and after school snacks for multiples can get tricky if you’re not prepared. Having an organized pantry full of healthy items like quick breakfast options, ready-to-pack lunch box goodies, grab & go snacks and dinner prep staples will make weekday meal planning stress free. This pantry multi-tasks with a laundry chute, sending all the after school (think soccer practice) laundry clutter straight to the utility room downstairs.

If you are like Nicole and obsessed with labels, organize bulk items in labeled bins, baskets and jars to keep things in their place for the school year and beyond. The Container Store has soooooo many options. You can click here for more ideas for creating and maintaining a gorgeous pantry.

We hope that you all have a great start to a new school year! Thanks to Jeff Herr for capturing our amazing images. Special thanks to The Ginger Home and Uncluttered Simplicity for the feature image and content inspiration.

Love Life at home. ♥️




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