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AS promised… an update, with much progress to report, on one of our exciting new projects in the build phase. Featured in our “Same Address, New Home” blog, the new house is coming along nicely, from slab to framing to sheathing. Take a look at the step by step snapshots from the job site.

Up and over. It’s a big day when the foundation is poured. Ever wonder how they get all that cement right where it needs to be? This job required a concrete pump, with a long reach, to pour all corners of the concrete slab. Much like a well made pair of shoes, a perfectly sound foundation for a house is key to properly support the structure, and to keep out the moisture, cold and heat from the ground.


A big pour. Those boots were made for pouring —with a lot of precision. Cheers!


TEN concrete trucks later. The slab foundation for this house is established. Interesting to know, the average weight of a foundation for a house is around 7-8 tons. Pretty big shoes to fill!


What’s next? After the foundation has cured, the framing begins.

and the framing continues……

and the framing continues…….

The EarthCraft sign. The EarthCraft House program certifies homes that are sourced, constructed and designed to reduce environmental impacts. EarthCraft homes also save homeowners a projected 30 percent on their energy bills, relative to comparable buildings that use standard construction methods.


Good bones.  Once the walls are framed, the trusses are set.  The scissor trusses in this vaulted ceiling are going to make this space simply magnificent!


Sheathing. What’s that? The board or panel material used in floor, wall and roof assemblies of residential construction. The most basic function of sheathing, is to lend structural support and help insulate the home. Sheathing is durable and protects the structure from wind and rain.

This house is well on it’s way to becoming a home!! While so much action is going on at the job site, we are busy bees in the design studio staying 5 steps ahead by ordering interior finishes, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, tile, cabinets, hardwood flooring, and working on color schemes for the exterior paint.

We are so very proud of our construction crew that make our beautiful drawings and plans a reality—rain, shine, chill or heat. ❤️  We can’t wait to share more updates as we get closer and closer to the big reveal! ⏳

Love Life at Home. 




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