Winterize now, save later. Nothing like a hurricane to remind us to prep our homes for inclement weather. Show your house some TLC this fall before the chill is in the air. Before you settle in to the big game this weekend, make some time for a few essential upkeeps so that you and yours are safe and comfortable during the winter months. We checked in with our home expert for his seven best practices that will have you back to tailgating worry-free the rest of the season.



1. Clean your gutters and downspouts so water can flow freely to prevent ice dams from forming later. 2. Replace furnace filters to improve efficiency and longevity in your heating system. 3. Install programmable thermostats to keep temps down while you’re away and warm things up just before you return, saving energy and money. 4. Run fans in reverse. Set all ceiling fans to circulate clockwise to push hot air along the ceiling towards the floor. 5. Get your chimney inspected and cleaned by a certified chimney sweep to safely build a cozy fire over the holidays. 6. Trim nearby tree branches hanging over your roof or driveway that may ice over and fall, saving you and Georgia Power a lot of heartache. 7. Protect hose bibs by simply disconnecting hoses on each outdoor fixture, drain and insulate with a hose bib cover. Small tasks, big difference. Enjoy the game.


Many thanks for photo content to Castles, Crowns and Cottages and photo credit to  Niki Brantmark.


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