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Curb appeal, besides being the first impression of our homes, for most homeowners, it’s also a reflection of their style. —AND It’s proven to be a good return on investment. Even when the interiors of our homes are stunning, a house that lacks curb appeal can feel unwelcoming to guests and potential buyers alike.

Throughout the years, we have come to the rescue of many homes that are in need of some TLC. For some, we have ripped off the roof to create a second story to completely transform a house.  For others, we have made changes to the color palette and exterior finishes to offer a different type of transformation. We really enjoy exterior makeovers as they are extremely gratifying. Whether they are large or small, these transformations can make a huge difference.  Here’s a few Before and After’s of our “facelifts” that we are so proud of…a picture is worth a thousand words. 😉


















We hope you enjoyed our stroll down exterior lane, and if you are inspired to explore a make-over for your home, check out our curb appeal package on e-design.

Our Curb Appeal Package provides you with guidance and selections to make your home feel renewed.
(examples of selections are: paint, lighting, doors, hardware, house numbers, roofing,
gutters, arch trim accents plus much more!)

Thanks to Jeff Herr for the amazing images!

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