Happy New Year from Terracotta

Happy New Year!


We are soooo happy to welcome a new year. And we are filled with anticipation to continue imagining, creating, designing, and building beautiful abodes where families thrive and where memories are made.

After 15 years, our Terracotta family has made a few memories of our own and although you may not physically see the whole team on your job site at the same time, rest assured that we are joined at the hip! Like most families, we rely on each other’s unique strengths, specialties, and passions.  —So in case you’re curious, here’s just a few.


Founder, director, interior designer, architect, and overall visionary for the studio.  Design and construction pulse through her veins. Big-thinking is her strength and grit is her engine. Horseback rider, dog lover, fashion aficionado, and fanatical beachgoer.



Co-founder and rock-star architect. Practicality is her outlook and simplicity her mantra. Always ready to explore new ideas and challenging designs, while keeping the architecture team on task.  Frequent entertainer, culinary adventurer, and avid vacation planner.



The Builder. Construction director for all projects. Production practices and team manager, keeper of schedules and all things built. Soccer player, and frequent hiker. The steeper the climb and the colder the day, the better the hike. Clark Kent at the office, Superman on the jobsite.



The multi-faceted architect with a mathematical mind, a sensibility for interiors, a keen eye for social media, and a knack for sourcing – if you need it, she will find it. Integral to every project and leader of her own, she seems to be at all places at once. Sophisticated coffee drinker and dog devotee.



If great work-ethic had a first name, it would be Larry. He’s the man that won’t quit. Solid and reliable, with a hint of a smile on his face, he’s always there to lend a hand with any job and any sub. Such a gentleman and so polite that we all look forward to seeing him daily.



Color, textile, finishes, and art dominate her vocabulary. She radiates design, shares an easy smile, and curates killer interiors. Always laughing and frequently looking for sweet cream for her coffee. Crafter, photographer, and yogini.



Cool, calm and collected is he. The finisher. Handy in so many trades and willing to work till it’s just right; mirrors, hardware, lamps and art, get hung with precision.  His laid-back attitude hides an exacting personality. Nice hat BTW.



Addition and subtraction is the name of her game. She keeps our accounts in order, our bills paid, and our books balanced. Efficiency is her middle name and precision is her goal. Equally skilled at balancing family life, she makes it all look easy. Bargain hunter extraordinaire and healthy eating fanatic.



A man of few words and steady reliability, he is the backbone of our jobsites. He’s a solid framer, quick with the straight edge and accurate with the nail gun. No nonsense, get the job done, tidy up the jobsite kind-of-guy. His wife makes the best tamales in town.



Willowy and sweet exterior with a solid core of architecture and code compliance. From creative thinker to inspector greeter, this architect knows her stuff and does it all. Always an advocate for making a list and checking it twice. Hiker, camper, and mega-baker.



If it looks challenging, he is your man. Solution finder to the point of remarkable. Runs a tight ship on the jobsites and keeps all subs in-line. Teddy bear dad, car guru, and always ready to roll up his sleeves.



Marketing and styling whiz kid. Like magic and without effort, she takes the beautiful and makes it breathtaking. Brand manager, graphics director, subtle instigator, and creative powerhouse. Always swimming laps, running with her dog or basking in the Carolina coast.


We hope that you enjoyed a peek into the personalities that make Terracotta tick and help us all Love Life at Home.

We look forward to many more fun projects together and leave you with a bit of inspiration for this much awaited New Year.

“Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.”





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