Meet Lucinda & Tyler

YAY! New faces at Terracotta! 

We’re SUPER excited to introduce our newest design duo over here at Suite 215, Lucinda Aron and Tyler Gross. They literally hit the ground running a few months back, so we just now caught up with them for a quick Q&A.



Lucinda joined our team as Interior Designer and creative director. Huge job, no fear. She’s inspiring us all like she’s been here for years. When you read her responses to our questions, imagine a lovely hint of a British accent.

Q: At what moment did you know that you wanted to be a designer?

Lucinda:  My mom is a playwright, growing up she would take my sister and I to the theater and we’d get to go backstage.  It was inspiring seeing the intricate set design and the behind-the-scenes magic….

Q: Your biggest design inspiration (so far) in 2022? 

Lucinda:  I was just in London, I got to visit the Royal Academy of arts.  I went to the William Kentridge exhibition, the scale and unbelievable breadth of work was truly inspiring.  I was born in South Africa so to see his astonishing works and understand more of his political perspective on the country was very special.

Q:  Favorite pastime when you’re not designing? 

Lucinda:  Antique stores and markets, this is my alone time!  I’m still devastated to hear Highland Row Antiques is closing, back in the day this was my go-to on a Saturday morning!   

Q:  Why Atlanta?

Lucinda:  It’s a big small town and the unique neighborhoods make it a very special place.  I think the beltline connecting the neighborhoods and communities as changed the face of this city. 

Q:  Most proud of?

Lucinda:  Being a mom is my proudest accomplishment hands down!

Q:  Fun FAQS about you?


— I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to London when I was 12.  Cape Town is and will always be home. My family lives all over the world…Cape Town,  London, and Barcelona.

— I have a twin sister, whom I talk to every day! 

— My husband and I met in Italy (Forte dei Marmi) on a work trip, it truly was love at first sight.

— I just built my dream home in Decatur during the pandemic.


Tyler joined our team as Project Architect, and like any great architect, he travels with a well appointed tool box. That’s Tyler. With a calm demeanor and a reassuring smile, he rolled-up his sleeves straight-away, and he jumped into design projects already in progress without missing a beat. Oh yeah…he’s got this.

Q:  At what moment did you know that you wanted to be an architect?

Tyler: I spent most of my childhood and early adult life working for my father who is a contractor. Somewhere in that short time-frame, I realized that I had a fascination with not only constructing things but how they were designed. I constantly found myself thinking about how I could design the project I was physically building in a better or different way. Those thoughts eventually led me to study architecture.

Q: Your biggest design inspiration (so far) in 2022?

Tyler:  Since I am new to the area, I think the historic nature and quaintness of the residential architecture throughout Atlanta must be my biggest design inspiration this year.

Q: Favorite pastime when you’re not designing?

Tyler:  Outside of the design world you can often find me cooking, at a pool table, or working on something around the house.

Q:  Why Atlanta?

Tyler:  My wife’s career actually brought us to the area. My love of design and construction requires us to live in an area that still has room for development. Out of the options she was presented with for her career, we both felt that Atlanta and the surrounding regions had the most opportunity for both of us.

Q:  Most proud of?

Tyler:  My ability to always remain true to who I am.

 Q:  Fun FAQS about you?


— I love watching cooking videos and cooking competition shows

— Can talk to anyone or anything

— Winter is my favorite season

— I’m left-handed


We are thrilled about Lucinda and Tyler coming on board. They are already an integral part of our Terracotta family and if you have not met them already, you’ll be as excited to work with them as we are! 🤗

Love Life at Home ❤️

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