Luly had the pleasure of attending the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) held at the Javit’s Center in NYC. If you’ve ever experienced a Market/Fair there you know it’s visual stimulation on steroids, in a good way. This impressive flock of exhibitors (more than 800) provided an exceptional opportunity to view an extensive selection of  “the world’s most innovative, and original avant-garde home products under one roof.” Comfortable shoes are a must. Here are some of her favorite finds—

The featured image and the one above are from Fliepaper.  This original collection of Photorealistic Wall Paper debuted in late 2014 by celebrity photographer Don Flood. The papers feature graphic designs with an emphasis on scale ranging from huge florals and bold textures to quirky found objects. The unique scope of his photographic motif creates an unexpected accent feature for any space. Sort of brings new meaning to the phrase “fly on the wall.”


Painted wood tiles from Mirthful Home Tiles. How fun are these used as flooring or a back splash? Manufactured in the US with quality, precision-milled engineered hardwood. Each tile is 12” x 12” square by ½” thick, pre-finished commercial grade, non-yellowing UV cured resin urethane that emits NO VOC’s. (volatile organic compounds). They are very versatile and can be glued for a permanent installation or floated for future removal. (in case you change up your design style). You can replace a single tile or just a small section.


Thing Stools made by Konekt Furniture  a boutique furniture company who creates expressive pieces with natural materials, hand-craftsmanship, organic shapes, textures and patinas. No doubt these “things” carry a lot of personality that make a bold statement with the warmth of brass accented with the luster of horse hair.  Don’t be surprised if one shows up at Ili’s town house.


Scrapelights by Graypants are custom-made pure white corrugated cardboard precision cut on advanced machinery. The translucency contrasts the rustic warmth of the natural cardboard making them a chic alternative for a variety of spaces. Handmade in Holland, Graypants partners with a social works program to provide craft-based careers to the local community. They take pride in using custom FSC-certified paper, produced from forests that replant more trees than they harvest.


The Slimfocus by Focus-Fireplaces. A modern floating fireplace that can be either wood burning or natural gas. Simple and super sleek, this one is the latest creation from Dominique Imbert’s design studio and a result of a quest for minimum volume and excellent heat performance.



Wood and metal integrated furniture and cabinets custom made by Amuneal. Originally servicing technical markets, Amuneal thrived by developing  a fabrication process from specialty alloy called Mu-Metal. As business changed with time, they transitioned their fabrication expertise, creativity, and passion for “making things” to architectural and design markets. A few tables and one trade show later, Amuneal was launched into the custom furniture business.


Handmade leather wrapped or chagrin patterned hardware by Turnstyle Designs.  An English company that’s all about the details. In their very proper word’s, “A handle is like a button on a coat, it can make or break a great room or piece of furniture and it has to function as well as it looks.” Such details can turn the simple into magnificent.


That’s just a few of the many great finds from the ICFF, hope you enjoyed. Even comfortable shoes can take you so far! —Thanks Luly for gathering so many amazing ideas!!

Thanks to all of the innovative, creative artisans for the visuals and inspiration. Fliepaper, Mirthful Home Tileskonekt furniture,  Graypants,  Focus-FireplacesAmuneal, and Turnstyle Designs. 






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