Organize your Laundry Room

Wash, dry, fold, in style.

Times have changed! Less dry cleaning, more laundry? Spending loads of time doing the wash? Exactly, all the more reason for this destination in our homes to be a nicely organized, stylish area to get the job done. No matter what kind of space you’ve designated for this chore, it might seem less daunting with the right tools. We’ve been revisiting a few of our coveted laundry spaces that work as hard as we do, so we thought we’d share some practical tips and tricks worth considering. Let’s have a look.

This beauty comes with a lot of bells and whistles, AND packs a big punch as it is conveniently placed on the second floor landing adjacent to beds and baths. Open shelving with a butcher block counter provides easy access to cleaning must-haves with the perfect touch of style. Vintage like bins are strategically tucked under counter for organizing loads. A separate folding station was specified over the machines, next to an extra large farm sink for items that need extra T.L.C. The light fixture makes it all work that much more! Isn’t it just dreamy?

What’s behind door #2? No designated space for a laundry room? No problem. This well hidden option in the kitchen is perfect for multi tasking. This chic set up goes away by just closing the doors, maintaining all design integrity.

Try introducing a bright and colorful paint palette, as an easy way to add some cheer to your space. A lush plant will liven things up to seem less utilitarian. This sweet addition is a re-purposed attic space. The window provides plenty of bright and airy natural daylight, which does wonders when you’re inside doing chores.  Stainless steel storage shelves double as clothes hanging and a horizontal slat screen provides a division to the next space.


Stack and pack. We love our bungalows but they make us think hard about functional space. This laundry area was carved out of a small back entryway into a multi-functional laundry/potting shed. A pocket door replaced a swing door opening additional floorspace while visually separating the laundry room from the kitchen. By stacking these handsome stainless front loaders with storage on top, we created extra space for a butcher block countertop (perfect for folding) with even MORE storage below.

Katelyn couldn’t resist selecting a ruby red dutch door for the perfect spin on this transformation.

Location. Location. Location. Laundry room/home bar combo. We’re loving this concept, just steps away from the kitchen that tackles two design dilemmas with one stylish solution. 😉

Ahhhhh. Last but never least. We LOVE ❤️ this eye-catching wall covering so much that you barely notice the hard working machines behind the curtain. Stowed away but never boring. Indeed a stylish nook at the beach makes laundry a breeze. 🌴

We hoped you enjoyed our tips. Many thanks to our friends and partners who gave us the opportunity to design and redefine their laundry rooms. Jeff Herr did the amazing photos. Thank you for the inspiration.

Love Life at Home.

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