Same bath. New look.

Updates with maximum impact, on a reasonable budget. Yeeeessss!

We’ve had several months to determine what drives us crazy about our homes. 😬 With the whole fam in the house 24-7, a nice respite (ie bathroom) is now all of sudden more of a N-E-C-E-S-S-I-T-Y than a luxury. Serenity now!

But, as we all know, bathroom renos can get pricey, especially if you’re not a big fan of the “DIY.” That said, it is possible to give that space –whether it’s a powder, guest, or master bath– a refresh without a lot of construction. This week, we’re sharing some of our tips to do just that. And, if you need a little guidance, we got ya’!  Just check out our new e-design services tailored in four new categories that give you access to our design team to help you make selections for your bath oasis.

Now let’s reflect on some of our tips put to the task…

Old Vanity. New look. A bold palette/finish can be immediate and drastic. While you’re updating that old vanity, consider changing the color and dressing it up with some new details. Drawer pulls and knobs can be a game changer. High-gloss finish can make it luxe.


Dated Fixtures. Easy fix. Swap out the shower and sink faucets, using the same configurations, but choosing a more stylish fixture. The same goes for swapping your towel and toilet paper holders. These small changes can go a long way for a new look.


A Hue That’s New. Paint is always a budget-friendly design change for a whole new look and feel. Here we chose a serene shade inspired by the warm tones in the sky from the photograph. (Hint: bring art into your bathroom) The softness of this color is the ultimate canvas for the glamorous sconces flanking the mirror. Notice we painted the ceiling too!


Mirror. Mirror. Like the jewelry for your bathroom, mirrors and lighting can make a huge difference. There are soooo many choices in style, function, and price. If you’re short on space, look for a mirror with storage. Medicine cabinets have come a long way, and there are some super stylish options. Like mirrors, the right light sets the scene. Diversify your fixtures to include ambient, accent and task lighting. Think pendants, sconces and chandeliers. Make a statement.


If Walls Could Talk. Lastly, how about these wallpapers? Bathrooms are the perfect place to go bold in color and pattern. The smaller dimension of a bathroom gives us the freedom to be a bit more daring. And if you REALLY dare..wallpaper the ceilings too!   For baths big and small, what fun it is to make a statement with some drama. 😉


We hope that we’ve inspired some ideas and goals for you to take on this Spring, but we know that as simple as it looks, making selections can be overwhelming. So check out the  e-design link here and let us help you get some bathtime!

Love Life at Home.

Thanks to Jeff Herr for the great images.










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