Southern Style Now Showhouse

The lowdown.

It was a whirlwind of FUN and we were more than excited to see it all come together! Finished just in time (literally hours) 😳 before the grand opening, this townhome is a stunnah.

So what actually goes on behind the scenes of a showhouse grand opening? That is what really fascinated us. We’re in awe of the “army” who participated and helped each other during the final dash  – and we are forever grateful!

Perhaps reality-TV-worthy (…in a good way), we’re going to share some of the process. Hold on to your hats.

Back-up to July, when the big adventure began.

“Wait –what??? It’s in Charleston? Built in the 1840’s? Did you say, master bath suite and dressing room finished by October? Awesome.” 😳 This means, major deep breath and serious sleeve rolling!

Short fast forward:  As-builts done, drawings in progress, suppliers/sponsors gathered, selections made, color palettes decided, surfaces and details considered and reconsidered. So much considering, so much reconsidering… but what is a good plan if it does not evolve? Right?

There was a lot of FaceTime design meetings. Thank you Billy and Brendan! What did we ever do without FaceTime?

The clock is ticking… with so much to do and with the very real 305.3 miles between Atlanta and Charleston. Will we make it? – You wonder…

In the weeds…creating space for modern luxuries while embracing the integrity of history is no easy task. In the 1840’s, who is thinking about beverage drawers (versus underwear drawers?) and coffee stations in the master bath dressing suite? If brick walls could talk.

Assembling all the pieces, presenting to our “clients”, and sorting through the options back here at the studio helped us wrap our heads around the details. And the details are indeed beautiful. And the clients are indeed handsome! And what’s not to 😍 about Michael and Tyler, the lucky homeowners?!

YAY! Construction is wrapping up, so let the shopping and propping begin! – Or is it just that we need to get out of the way of the construction crews?🤔

We met soooo many incredible merchants, all generously helping us source beautiful props for the dressing room. Check out these hats!

TWO days and counting! (not that we were counting). How many people can fit in this master bath? Just wait for it. The house is crazy full at this point with so many designers, all seeking refuge in a cocktail.

Ili recommends the Black Swan. Just one. Okay maybe two.


More progress…We also had the convenience of beverages while we placed the finishing touches. Fancy, speakeasy vibe.

Capturing the total awesomeness of these brand new, but authentically vintage-looking, tile details! Cute kicks, BTW!

Our superstar, Brilljant. Captured by Southern Bit 😍. She has a lead role in this cast of characters…stay tuned for a blog just about her coming soon.

An organic moment, perfectly designed by our friends at Found.

Finally, it’s showtime! Here we are – all decked out on opening night and enjoying this very special treat for us to be together. As it turns out, this spacious shower accommodated all of us with room to spare!

Champagne was flowing and the house and gardens are beyond beautiful. It was a magical evening as we proudly celebrated with all of our friends who put so much love into this home. Each room reflects the unique personality and style of the many talented designers chosen by Traditional Home. The house is open through December 8th, so there is still time for a road trip to Charleston!

What are you waiting for?? Get up and GO!

❤️ Heartfelt gratitude to all of our friends in both Atlanta and Charleston who graciously sponsored our designs with beautiful selections in surfaces, fabrics, accessories and art. All so yummy!

❤️ A very special shoutout to the local craftsmen in Charleston who helped us complete this exciting project. They totally rocked.

❤️ A whopping THANK YOU to Traditional Home and Southern Style Now for choosing Terracotta.

❤️ And finally, a seriously warm and joyful HUG to our new friends Brendan and Kayla from WallVonEnck, for their day-to-day support, incredible enthusiasm, and never-ending cheerfulness, no matter what hair-raising event was going on!

CHEERS to all!🍸

Love Life at Home. Love life in Charleston.

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