The Laundry Room


Let’s reflect. The art of laundry has come a long way, and with that, the laundry room (or “mud cupboard,” as my mom used to call it) has thankfully evolved. Small rooms with loads of potential. It may as well be a stylish space to ensure the task is a pleasant one. We’re going to share a couple that we had the pleasure of designing here at Terracotta along with some fun  inspiration for a “laundry makeover.”



We had a large task transforming this small space into a multi-functional laundry/potting shed. First, a pocket door replaced a swing door that provided additional floorspace while visually separating the laundry room from the kitchen. Second, we created space by stacking these handsome stainless front loaders and added extra storage on top. There was still enough room to design a butcher block countertop (perfect for folding) with even MORE storage below. Knowing that the homeowner likes to garden, we “folded” an existing green antique cabinet into the design mix that serves as a potting table. Open shelving holds a planting tool basket and gardening books.



The dutch door (Katelyn’s favorite) that opens to the deck was painted red adding a bright unexpected pop of color. Win-win!



What laundry room? We had to be sneaky about this one. The challenge: create a mud/laundry area at the end of the kitchen with no walls for separation. No problem. This functional space is carefully tucked behind a facade as chic as the kitchen and politely hidden when not in use. We included a lot of storage for laundry sundries.



Inspired by the painted floor tiles from our last blog post, the flooring makes this room fun—especially when it’s mixed with the richness of the painted cabinets and the natural accents on the countertop.


We love this shiplap wall treatment in this  laundry room, perfectly designed for the modern farmhouse.


Don’t forget about the details. These are amazing products from The Laundress. 90% of your treasured wears that are labeled “Dry Clean Only” are actually washable. Gwen and Lindsey ‘s products are eco-friendly and gentle on the things you love.


So we hope that we’ve given you a new and happy outlook on the laundry room; let us help you design the perfect one for you.

Many thanks to those who inspired our content and images:  Jeff Herr photography,  The LaundressStudio, &, Feature black and white image by Rebecca Lepkoff





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