Should Art meet or lead design?? 🤔

Depends on who you ask. Should it be something you buy to match the sofa? Although tempting, absolutely not. Art is a reflection of deeper emotions, not necessarily a purchase that matches the decor, but rather a thought provoking connection to your surroundings. Investing in the right piece should be about you, not the space. But -and there’s always a but- choosing the right piece, and more importantly finding the right place for your existing beloved works can be challenging.

Like art, interior design is equally important, as it’s a reflection of our style and how we actually live (kids and dogs) in our homes. I once did a photo shoot in the home of a collector who leaned a Picasso on the kitchen backsplash where it was privy to a couple of marinara sauce bubbles…that’s really living among art. Picasso would probably have been amused by that. The point is, much like curating a museum, curating art + interior design is no easy task. We believe that the two can live in harmony.

Art can be the inspiration point that influences shape, and scale. The textural ebony cocktail table and the curved arms of the chair are in subtle harmony with the Reeve sculpture by Palecek.


Utilizing a combination of paintings, photographs and sculptures collected over time and travels, can weave a layered tapestry about one’s interests and aesthetic. This is art that tells a personal story regardless of where it is displayed.

Art can be the inspiration point that influences color palettes and selections. A bit of whimsey in this painting inspired the pops of bright color and bold print in the bedding.


Interestingly enough, white walls were no match for this eye-popping floral original painting. The bold strokes of this Juju Paper, enhance rather than compete. (LeFreak, Champagne on Crème.) Making a courageous choice as a backdrop for this painting proved to be fantastic.


With complete respect for fine art, Interior design is just as much a part of the creative process as an artist creating a work of art. Merging the two is art in itself, as we thrive in doing just that. We would love to help you curate your art into your spaces, promising never to place a Picasso near a sauce pot.(Unless of course it makes it taste better). 😋

Many Thanks to ALLMODERN and Etsy for content, and huge thanks to Jeff Herr for the amazing photography!

Love Life at Home. ❤️




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