What’s on your coffeetail table?


With the Holidays upon us, we’re all sprucing up our homes a bit for festive celebrations. Styling your coffee/cocktail table is an art in itself. Definitely subjective, and because of it’s prime location, objets d’art placed there seem important enough to reflect your personal style. No matter how perfect, the reality is that this surface (next to the sofa) can also be the landing spot for drinks, remotes, sometimes dinner, and for sure cell phones. Here’s a few pointers…


Coffee table books.

Cliché but necessary, books are wonderful conversation starters. Stacked books, with varying heights, will create a platform for other interesting shapes or a favorite sentimental piece that will also spark conversation.



Multiple items on a surface can get cluttered, however when you mindfully arrange them in a tray, you’ve created a tidy design “moment” that feels purposeful. Trays are a great secret tool to wrangle your coffee table sundries (remotes and coasters), plus a must if you’re dealing with soft or uneven surfaces like an ottoman.


Something organic. 🌿

Seasonal fresh cut flowers/greens or a sturdy plant, adds color from an organic entity that feels welcoming and inviting. For the holidays, fresh evergreens or branches with berries work beautifully and if you’re lucky you can clip them right from your backyard. If not, McGee and Co. makes great faux branches.



Make it your signature scent, or a holiday fave. Nothing warms up a room like candles for a cozy ambiance.

Pro tip: A metal dish keeps the heat from the candles away from your table.  Hurricanes are also a good idea if you have kids or a dog’s tail near the flames!



Salut! It happens that sometimes those drinks can get away from you…and anything on the rocks comes with a fair amount of condensation, so protect your table with good-looking coasters so no one has to worry about that pesky ring!

We hope that you enjoyed our pointers for a great looking composition for your coffee table, geared for the upcoming holiday entertaining season, that will inspire many interesting conversations and toasts.

Many thanks for content inspiration and images to Jeff Herr, McGee and Co, Apartment Therapy, Pippa Drummond, Pinterest, Roomfortuesday.com

Love Life at Home ❤️


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