No-reno reno

 Need a change? Now!? ❣️

Need some instant design gratification? Here’s some simple, specialty enrichments for a new-right-now change. Take a look…

Metallic Ribbon Peel & Stick Wallpaper, by Target. Not a huge commitment and so easy to install. Add some ZHUZH to those walls.

Floating Shelves. A small detail however, extremely elegant, it can add an extra layer to a kitchen or bath back splash.

Replace Boob Lights. Who knew they were called that? Don’t forget the ceiling! Look up and see a beautiful semi flush mount fixture instead of a dated globe with a sad bulb.

Plug in sconces. NO Electrician necessary! Just mount on the wall exactly where you want it and plug it in.

Stair Runners. You can rationalize this because it is practical, and while you’re at it make it stunning.

Upgrade the Shower Head. Again, well deserved and oh so amazing.

We LOVE all of these fun design ideas for updates that will bring some joy into your life.

Love Life at Home  ❤️

Photo credits:  Jeff Herr Photography, Target, McGee and Co., Anderson Tuftex

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