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Just as we have all perfected the art of eating, drinking, birthday partying and numerous types of social celebrations in the “open air”—BOOM, we find ourselves in October with the promise of chillier temps round the corner. Now what?


There’s the option of a rockin’ outdoor living space, designed with a fireplace OR a simple addition of a fire pit, garnished with some savvy landscaping. We think either direction is a monumental investment for your retreat, and we are happy to help!

This week’s post we’re exploring fire pits. The sky is the limit when it comes to your choices of style and design. Price points range depending on size, materials, and technology, however there are a variety of very affordable choices.

Solo Stove Ranger. There’s been soooo much buzz about this guy. It’s portable, small, lights quickly, stays hot and here’s the best feature, it’s smokeless. No more “Eau de Campfire” on that favorite cashmere sweater. It gets five stars. We think there might be one in Luly’s future. 😍



Project 62 Round Metal Fire Column. Sleek, modern with the coveted black matte wow factor. Keeps you toasty up to seven feet away (convenient for social spacing) with an adjustable flame for even heat distribution. Affordable at Target.



Lunar Concrete Fire Pit. Sturdy with a graceful appearance, this fire bowl comes with a canvas cover, lava rocks, and a stainless-steel burner with an electric ignition. Simply flip a switch to create flames that radiate that sultry glow against the lava rocks. It also comes with an auto safety shut-off…if the party goes on a bit too long. 😜



36” Elliptical Fire Pit. Handcrafted by S&S Fire Pits. This pit is the real deal indeed, welded with love on a flanged base, re-purposed truck springs for handles on the inside,  a 1⁄2” drain hole to keep water out —AND comes with a free handcrafted 46” Fire Poker. Who doesn’t love to poke the fire? Designed to easily service 2-15 people at any gathering. They also craft accessories for your party central fire pit. The S&S guys are semi-local, from Hapeville, and have a fun story that comes with each pit. 🧔🏻



Chimeneas. Classic, fun to say, and typically made of terracotta. 😉 This type of pit is popular for its old world charm as much as functionality. Designed with a wide rounded base, a large mouth on one side, and topped by a narrow vertical chimney, it heats up quickly. The fire is contained and the chimney directs smoke up and out. Chimeneas protect fire in the rain without losing the flame, and some sizes can accommodate cooking pans and roasting implements with ease. Traditional chimeneas are wood-burning outdoor fireplaces however, there are gas and propane models available so you can still have the traditional, look even if your municipality bans outdoor fires.


No matter what your preference, stay warm, stay safe, have fun and enjoy the crisp fall air with The Campfire Cocktail. Rye whiskey and marshmallow syrup sounds as promising as the fire pits…

You need:

1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 8-10 marshmallows, 6 oz. Bulleit Rye whiskey, Splash Laphroaig single malt whiskey

Do this:

In a saucepan, heat water and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add marshmallows and increase the heat to medium-high, stirring the marshmallows frequently until they’re dissolved, about 5 minutes. Strain the marshmallow simple syrup into an airtight container (a bottle or mason jar work great), removing the leftover marshmallow solids. Set aside to cool. Simple syrup will keep for 2 weeks and should be refrigerated. In a glass, add Bulleit and a splash of the Laphroaig (it’s option, but it adds a needed smokiness to the drink). Stir in 2 oz. of marshmallow simple syrup, or more to taste.

Add ice, AND never forget to garnish with a toasted marshmallow! Good night Irene.


We hope you’re fired up about bonfires, campfires, backyard fun and “responsible commingling” this fall. Cheers.

Love Life outside.


Many thanks to Crate & Barrel, Freckle & Fair, Amazon, Target, Solostove, Home Depot, S&S Fire Pits, and Wayfair for content/inspiration images.







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